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We’re always looking for great writers!

  • Are you a passionate gamer?
  • Are you a perfectionist from head to toe?
  • Are you able to express yourself in an interesting and appealing way?
  • Do you have interesting things to say about videogames, that you think people need to hear about?
  • Do you keep yourself updated on the latest news regarding the videogame industry?
  • If this sounds like you, then you may apply to be a GooGame writer!

How to apply:

Write a feature article based on a videogame that passionates you which could be published on GooGame, regarding an interesting discussion about the game, or comparison with other video games, or whatever floats your boat. Make it as interesting as possible!

Don’t forget to add any images that you feel would suit the article and really bring it to life! You should also include links to information and image sources/credits.

The article should be a masterpiece. It should impact the readers, making them want to share the article and coming back to read more from you!

Create five titles for articles that you think would be appealing to the GooGame’s readers (there is no need to write the actual article here).

For each title, tell us how you would “sell” it. And give us a preview image and a title.

Please tell us about yourself and send your article and titles to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!