Mario Maker 2 Story Mode – First Two Stages

The sequel to one of the titles that stood out in the Wii U era is finally here. Mario Maker 2 recently made its debut (you can get it on Amazon here). Along with it, a lot of new content and games modes are now included. One of the main additions to the franchise is a Story Mode. But, is Super Mario Maker 2 story mode worth your time? Let’s talk about the many reasons that might make this new mode appealing to you!

Nostalgia Factor

Mario has a long run of games that most likely were part of a gamer’s childhood or upbringing in the gaming scene. This was part of the reason why the first rendition of Mario Maker was so acclaimed and so many players jumped in and created what they believe was the best Mario level ever created.

Is Mario Maker 2 new story mode worth your time?

People truly got inventive with this title. Mario Maker 2 is no exception to this rule, and the story mode is not only full of the same nostalgia factor, but it amps it up in Story Mode. There’s a lot of cute references (for the lack of a better word to describe how adorable these references are) of the first game all around. This brings the Mario Maker experience to a whole new level.

Challenge much?

Stages might not be as challenging as the behemoths other users create online. Still, they are fun to play and you can feel the “Nintendo” approach on each of them. Stages in the story mode progressively increase in both creativity and challenge level. Just like in every Mario game, the very first stages in Mario Maker 2 serve more as a tutorial than another thing.

Is Mario Maker 2 new story mode worth your time?

As you progress along the Story Mode, you will encounter many stages that are reminiscent to previous stages in the canon games. Each with their own twist that makes them feel unique and worth revisiting.

Shenanigans all around Super Mario Maker 2

Mario has an undeniable appeal. It is fun to play and has a charm that other franchises simply don’t. This applies to Mario Maker 2, especially in its story mode. Every mission has a brief explanation. Within these explanations, you will encounter amazing references to simple things such as POW Blocks or Switches and how mysterious they are or how they magically work.

Is Mario Maker 2 new story mode worth your time?

These shenanigans that we are used to in the series have never been more fleshed out in a title. It truly makes you understand the creative possibilities each element in the Mario realm posses. By doing this, it makes your creative side flow a bit more and gives you hundreds of possible ideas on what to do in the Creator Mode of the game.

Is Mario Maker 2 new story mode worth your time?

Mario Maker 2 Story Mode is a charming and inventive take. It’s a part of the Mario franchise that is definitely worth your time. I am enjoying this walk through memory lane, at the same time that I get to experience how the game has evolved during all these years. If you want to get those creative ideas flowing to start building your next masterpiece in Super Mario Maker 2, look no further than its Story Mode.

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