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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Gunfight Multiplayer Gameplay

In this Modern Warfare multiplayer lone Gunfight mode, you’ll be playing in a four-player, two-versus-two Multiplayer match. We played it in the Open Beta, and it was a total blast to play!

The object of this game is to eliminate the opposing duo, with every player getting the same loadout that changes every two rounds along with where each team spawns.

If neither team is defeated at the end of the time limit in this Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, a flag spawns and a 10-second overtime begins. Thus, the team that captures this flag – which takes three seconds to capture – or the team to wipe out their opposition wins the round.

Should the round end with neither team eliminated nor the flag captured, the duo that has the highest combined health wins, with the round ending in a draw in the rare case that both teams end with the exact same health.

The first team to win six rounds takes the match!

Operation Overview: The Maps

The five maps for fighting in this Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, are smaller than the maps for Call of Duty’s traditional 6v6 Multiplayer fare.

Despite their size, these five locales still have an array of beauty, detail and, most importantly for those wanting to win the fight, tactical structure. These maps’ layouts create a variety of engagement opportunities. The maps custom fit the frenetic pace and random loadouts that this Modern Warfare multiplayer mode provides.

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