“CODE VEIN” network test version

Code Vein: Bet blood and go to the dead place together

A dramatic search action RPG that challenges “Buddy” and partners who become partners in a vast dungeon where numerous strong enemies and dangers await.

The future that is not far away, the crust that has been pierced by the “forehead of the referee” is a world that has been torn apart and collapsed. There was a closed society called “Vane” where those who are called vampires (Levenant) barely survived. The vampires who abandoned being human beings to resist destruction. They barely maintain their humanity by sucking their blood, while losing much of their human memory as a price for paranormal power. The lack of blood transforms them into a lost demon. In a closed world with countless demons crawling with vampires, a quest for blood and the truth begins.


Genre: Dramatic Search Action RPG
Release date: planned to be released in 2019
Platform: PS4 / Xbox One / STEAM

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