Sea of Solitude Review: A descend and embrace of our inner imperfections

Sea of Solitude Review: A descend and embrace of our inner imperfections

Sea of Solitude is an exploration game from the creative studio Jo-Mei Games and published by EA as part of its EA Originals program. It’s a complicated game to explain in a…


Formula 1 2019 Review – The new best game of the franchise

Annual titles are always a discussion of love and hatred. On one hand many look forward to a new Formula 1, FIFA, PES, NBA, COD, and its updates while others would like these…

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review - Pure Metroidvania love

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review – Pure Metroidvania love

I had a long time of not enjoying a Metroidvania style game. These games can easily become repetitive, especially for the number of times you have to revisit certain places. Bloodstained: Ritual…

Sea of Solitude Review in progress
Sea of Solitude – First 20 Minutes
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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch
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final Fantasy VII Remake is Episodic. What is Square Enix thinking?
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The end has come for Google+

Reminder: Google+ shuts down on April 2nd 2019

An ill-fated project Google+ will shutter its doors on the 2nd of April 2019. Many people never even heard of the platform, or what it was supposed to be. In short, this…

Warcraft & Warcraft 2: Now on GOG

Horde? Alliance? You Decide. It has been almost a quarter century since we first heard the terms “Alliance,” and “Horde” to define two sides in a war for the World of Azeroth. This was of course, long before the coming…

Divinity Fallen Heroes is Divinity Gone XCOM Tactical

One World, Different Divinity Just announced by Larian Studios, there is a new tactical turn-based strategy game scheduled for 2019. The game will be set in the world of Divinity: Original Sin II. Take note that its set in the…

Gwent Goes Mobile in 2019

For those who have been fans of The Witcher III, The Wild Hunt, by CD Projekt Red, they would know of Gwent. Too many Witchers have spent hours exploring and adventuring from White Orchard to Skellige and Kaer Morhan, have…

Gollum: Lead Character of New LOTR Game

One is never sure with Gollum. Whether he is a victim, a villain or a blend of both during the events of Lord of the Rings. What is certain is that Gollum’s life is a “sad story.” Daedalic Entertainment has…

Streets of Rage 4 has a new gameplay trailer

Streets of Rage 4 the classic Beat ’em up Sega title is back with a new gameplay trailer released this Tuesday. The trailer shows almost 30 seconds of gameplay where Axel and Blaze are doing what they do best, beating…

Sony Stopping Sales of Digital Game Codes in Physical Stores

Sony Confirms the Leak This leaked on the 22nd of March via game deals watcher “Wario64,” on Twitter. Sony was going to sales of full game digital downloads in physical stores. Many hoped this would be an April Fools joke.…

Apple Arcade, the new game subscription exclusively for iOS

This Monday Apple announced at the company “Show Time” event debuted a new service, Apple Arcade. It is a game subscription that will allow users to access exclusive titles. The service will be available only for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and…


Fox Sports secure broadcast rights for FIFA 19 Esports events

FIFA is one of the most significant categories in Esports, and it’s only growing day…

According to doctors, college Esports players are equal to college athletes

Nowadays the number of colleges and universities that offer teams to play Esports is increasing…

Twitch in partnership with MVPindex, a data analysis company

Recently this week Twitch partnered with MVPindex a US company that process audience engagement analysis.…