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How to earn points?

In our website, GooGame users will be able to earn points by being an active part of the community.
Register before 01/05/2019 to earn 100 points immediately. Are you late? Don’t worry! You can still earn 10 points when you register.

Actions that reward points:


 Every comment will award 2 points, up to a maximum of 10 per article. If a comment is recognized as spam, the user will lose 50 points.

 Every daily visit on the website will award 5 points.

 Every article you view will award 1 point.

 Every visitor from a custom referral link will award you 1 extra point. 

 Every signup from a custom referral link will award you 100 extra points. 

 For every upvote you receive in your comments will award 1 extra point.

 Others hidden ways!

What you can redeem or win with points?

Giftcard, Console and much more. . .