Malaysian Cosplayer and Streamer:- Sally Dorasnow!

Hi everyone! I’m Sally Dorasnow! I’m a Cosplayer and Streamer from Malaysia. You can always find me through my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and if you want to watch my streams, you can check out my YouTube and Twitch. If…

Bowsette – Hedyhoneyy

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Sword Art Online – sayuki_cos


Malaysian Cosplayer Ciara Cross

Hi Guys & Gals! Ciara Cross from Malaysia here! A quick thank you to the Team at for hosting my interview and Cosplay photo gallery! To see more of my Cosplays, cosplans and to get in touch and say…

Assassin’s Creed – riddle


Mercy – jessicanigri

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Yuffie – alex_cosplays⠀


Ada Wong – Giadarobin


D.Va – Miko Cosplay

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